Why Is Aisha Buhari Not Campaigning For Her Husband?

Why Is Aisha Buhari Not Campaigning For Her Husband?

Many political observers are worried, and they are asking questions concerning President Muhammadu Buhari and his outspoken wife, Aisha. Where has she been? Why is she not coming out to tell Nigerians why they should vote for her husband?

By this time in 2015, Buhari’s wife, Aisha was all over the place campaigning for her husband, to the extent of frying akara and yam. What has changed?
Fast forward to 2019, few days to a very important election, no one now hears from the wife of the president.

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Rumours are flying around in Abuja, the seat of power and to other parts of the country. Some say Madam Aisha is not feeling well, some say she’s not happy with many of those around Buhari, yet others say her fight with the cabal controlling the Presidency got worse and she decided to abandon everything. Hopefully, we will known the true story sooner than later.
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  1. Do you want the woman to go naked before you will know she is campaigning for her husband? A woman who established women and youths campaign council under her sponsorship and she is not campaigning. Which other way do you expect her to campaign for Mr president?

  2. Her expectations in the last campaigns that brought them in leadership were not realised, I guess.
    So that bogged her morale down hence, withdrawal subsequently

  3. Her expectations in the last campaigns that brought them in leadership were not realised, I guess.
    So that bogged her morale down hence, withdrawal subsequently

  4. Everything happening in this country just happened as God Almighty want it happened. The mighty Hands of God is down to change the situation of Nigerians for good. The one chosen by God will surely emerges as the president of this country for the sake of the crying children of God.

  5. Nigeria is not better government where democracy are governed. Many people have something in mind but they can’t say it without being jailed.
    So, we don’t want to go to Prison if not, those allegations layed against Mr president, how come he hadn’t defended any? I don’t want to go to prison. If not those money recovered by our Mr Integrity, what happened to it that makes Chinese to warn us against loan? I don’t want to go to prison.
    By for now please.

  6. I now start to believe what Nnamidi KANU said about buhari, that he is not the person in aso rock, because Nigeria can see buhari wife and children coming out for campaign, even on social median, some we say buhari wife is sick,others we say is because of the cabals, when Jonathan wife was zick, the own country known and what was wrong with her, but this mugu, no body no the sickness disturbing him and his wife if really the wife is sick. Nigeria should not vote buhari again, better still voting he is good for the south west, because the can been the next president after so.e few months of election,.

  7. It’s better to leave the campaign for Adams Oshomole who has dismantled APC’s structure prior his election as chairman. She knows that things are difficult and she will not be accorded her person as she deserves

  8. Buhari is her husband,no matter the amount of control from the cabals, she should have gone to campaign for him. After all, if he wins, she becomes the fish in the ocean.
    But, She keeping away from the campaign points to the fact that the man may not actually be the Buhari that we know.

  9. There must be a cogent and lucrative reasons, best known to her. Why, she is silent and not campaigning for her husband.

  10. Comment:she may not campaign for her husband because of witnessing alots of difficulties people pass through,both poor and the wealthy are complaining of her husband so that could tourch a heart of a humble person to quit campaign

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