What’s the best way to waste a Nigerian scammer’s time?

What’s the best way to waste a Nigerian scammer’s time?

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Phone ring. I leave whatever it is i was doing at that time to pick up my phone. The caller says hello, i also say hello.

Caller : how are you. Do you know who is speaking. Your uncle from the US.

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Me : ohh hello Uncle Joe. ‘I find a name for the so called uncle’. How are you uncle.long time sir. How is the family?

caller : Family is fine. You are now a big girl ooo. I called to Inform you I sent you an iPhone, laptop and some other things. I will send you a number to call. When you contact the person he will tell you how to go about it. You might have to pay a token to get those items. But it won’t be much. It’s something you can afford. You will love them okay.

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Me : Uncle Joe, you are such a good man. Thanks so much. I will contact the person now.

30minutes later. My phone rings again. Uncle Joe is calling me back.
Uncle Joe : you haven’t called the person I asked you to call. He has been waiting for your call. Call him now okay.
Me : okay I will.
After another 30 minutes. Uncle Joe calls me again.
Uncle joe : what is wrong with you. Don’t you need these items? I bought them with a lot of money and I want you to have them. I asked you to call the person that will bring them to you, you refused. Call him now . He is expecting your call.
Me : Uncle Joe, tell the person to call me. I don’t have call card on my phone. Or can you send me call card? Because I know if I call the number you sent to me, I will still be talking to you. Maybe then you will cover half of your mouth with a small cloth so your voice can sound different. Please send me call card. I will be waiting.
Uncle Joe : mtchewwww. He gets angry he was found out and he ends the call.
I love doing this to scammers that think everyone is naive and dumb like they are. Uncle Joe Ko, brother Jojo ni.

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