What United Kingdom Told Atiku After Losing Presidential Election

What United Kingdom Told Atiku After Losing Presidential Election

What United Kingdom Asked Atiku To Do After Losing Presidential Election
Atiku Abubakar is the main challenger of President Muhammadu Buhari for the 2019 elections

The United Kingdom has called on the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 election, Atiku Abubakar, to challenge his defeat in a peaceful manner.

Nigeria’s electoral umpire, INEC, declared President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) the winner of the Fenruary-23rd poll in the early hours of Wednesday.

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The Nigerian leader polled 15,191,847 votes to defeat Atiku who got 11,262,978 votes.

But the former vice president rejected the outcome of the election, which he called a sham and vowing to challenge.

However, Harriett Baldwin, UK’s minister of state for Africa, said the result declared was consistent with the civil society parallel vote tabulation process.

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Baldwin said: “We urge any party or individual who wishes to challenge the process to do so peacefully and through the appropriate legal channel and we encourage Nigerian authorities to examine all allegations of wrongdoing carefully, and take the necessary action against individuals found responsible.”

The UK official also said: “My thoughts are also with the families and friends of those who lost their lives in election-  violence. No one should die in the exercise of their democratic rights. We will continue to support Nigeria and its civil society in drawing lessons from these elections and strengthening its democracy.”

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What United Kingdom Told Atiku After Losing Presidential Election    .

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  1. I don’t even know or what should we call this is it love to his country or to his pocket, abeg try next time.

  2. Comment:the case should be brought to book… because allegedly Social are not supposed to win this election… the rig the voting… PDP has the full power to win, even PDP didn’t come out for campaigning they were still going to win…. this very act will prevent many people from coming out to vote in the nearest future… .. that’s my say.. thank you..

  3. Comment:I can’t believe that all this Nigeria effort for voting is in vane .INEC you allow your fellow bings to suffer so you can get money ,
    I pray and declare that before one year every one of you that participated in malpractice will not be found on earth and so shall it be

  4. Comment:may God deliver Nigeria from malpractice act. to all our fathers who are selling our right. remember, hell is real

  5. Comment:either buhari or atikulate am moving ahead. but to all our father, who sold our right. our head will fight

  6. Comment:thats really the best thing to do, all evidences of malpractices /rigging should made available and plead with the Nigerian judicial system to exercise restrain and vindicates the true winner the Feb 23rd presidential election…

  7. if Nigerians really voted Buhari of APC why are they protesting against him and making all sorts of silly comments. long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

  8. Comment:Nigeria is a corrupt country. How can Buhari who came to fight corruption is now the. one encouraging it the more by collaborating wih INEC to produced & announcing fake results. God will judge you.

  9. Only God knows what PDP plan for the 16th day of february election if not will they not win. This election was shifted to 23rd of february because of there malpractice act. Understand me please.

  10. Hmm this is amazing how can APC win this election in fact so surprised,But buari remember that nothing is hide to almighty God

  11. Comment:who ever that wins should consider the condiction of this country, with good,because we are tired of every year, the same taught. God bless Nigeria.

  12. Change again? Another change, I wish I will live this country and there change, poor people are suffering, sick are dying, Buhari is the head of corruption

  13. There is nothing or step the defeated PDP presidential candidate takes or intended to embark upon that would ever see the lights of the day.

    He is not only known for desperacy by going and applying all manners of winning at all cost that should come new to Nigerians, foreign ally ang his home manipulators.

    Since all his rigging mechanism were stemmed and intercepted rattled him, that would be made public as soon as the case comes up aside the fact that, the APC is up to that.

    His respiration started from his; PDP primary. That led to dollarization and stimulation. So, when all those failed and, he still could not beat PMB/APC, he had no option than to bold his face for tribunal threat. He will meet his doom.

    PDP and this same contender started money politics, stomach infrastructure, vote burying and selling. Let Atiku explain the 10, 000.00 American dollar during party primary?

    Nigerians have voted and spoke on who they preferred as President and finally, there should be no strong holds at presidential election rather, Nigeria as a constituency.

    Buhari obtained spread votes across Nigeria. I rest the discussion until the court case starts.

    Atiku is not with the credentials for new Nigeria Democratic governance.
    Thanks all.

  14. Comment:When you the masses crying DAT means something when wrong of what they want and who they voted for,so they have to look in to the matter thanks and God Bless Nigeria.

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  16. Our votes was for Atiku Abubakar not Muhammad buhari the word should know that APC only collaborated with inec to rig and stole the right of Nigerian

  17. I am from the north,atiku thought that we are all death, so that we can not cast our vote,but fortunately enough our numbers even multiply, bcs we in same part the county, they have 1 man,1 wife,2 children =4 votes,but in the northern part ,we have 1 man ,4 wife’s,46 children =48 votes, then how can he dispute on what he knows.
    My advice is that,the world knew that he play it we’ll,so let him accept defeat this time and try again. With time he will rule as PMB did before.

  18. Comment:how can inec chairman be from APC and you expect atiku to win all we are begin is buhari to have mercy on his people that is all

  19. Comment:so Nigeria mean that we are not ashamed of our self by giving buhari another chance to ruin us as he went again I pity for pupils like Nigeria

  20. Comment:the 2019 general election was not true and fair, that shows their is no point of calling Nigerian to execerse their civic right since is not going to be count.my advice is that they should call all Nigerian which of the political party did they voted for.

  21. In as much as l preferred Buhari to Atiku, but the election was a coup d’etat against the people of Nigeria. All Nigeria armed forces, thugs plus illegal forces terrorised and killed people just to create ways of rigging the election. The worst and the most rigged election since the history of the anemic democracy we practice in Nigeria. Those who casted the 23,02,2019 votes determined nothing but those who counted the votes midwifed the figures in the outcome of the election and if UK should say that the election is fair enough,then l can still smell the mal intention of neocolonialism.

  22. Comment: is a shameful thing to see a president whom has been rejected by his people to force him self to a presidential position. this man called Buhari government is the must corrupted government we ever experience in Nigeria.. please we are begging US. to come and rescue us.

  23. My advice is this that mr president will realise and notes that nigeria is for all so do ur work so as to reduce povaity in this country

  24. Comment:you said APC change okay then why can’t change the poor people and also the sick people, please do something about this, will need change, please, abeg you my leader help people that is poor and people that is sick if will you can do that, you can also come back for 2024

  25. No matter what happens buhari is still our president, who knows if atiku we be worse than buhari but all I’m saying is that our government is corrupt no matter who win because that seat has been corrupt since many years ago.. And nothing any body will do about it unless God intervene

  26. No matter how President MB is our choice, nobody can force us choose anyone in that time. Forward ever, backward never PMB.

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    Rav4=N750, 000,
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  28. D cripple, d deaf, d blind, d unborn children, d dead ones n even d animals of d sea, land n of d air knows that Atiku won. He is d pples choice n we do know who we voted for but d desires of d masses was not granted. D election result was rigged.

  29. Comment:Nigeria belong to all of us and we are majority we voted for Muhammadu Buhari any attempt by any court to ten parted with this election can not go free..

  30. Everyone in Kwara state voted for APC. Remember Ibos are minority in Nigeria. Absolutely there was no rigging my state. Atiku and his supporters should eradicate the believe that election was rigged from their minds.

  31. Comment: I vote for PDP and Nigerian should remember that they are nothing without igbos. I believe that APC didn’t win this election

  32. We all voted for Muhammad Buhari, nd Thanks Allah that he won d election, Pls there should be no any comments against his victory, Who ever does dat is enemy of progress, (Oko ti o ti lo ni won se wo si)

  33. People that voted APC are blind folded
    You all saw how the country survived the last four years and you sent him back against the
    I pity all APC supporters

  34. Comment: let the leadership of PDP party should join ATIKU and encourage him to leave everything for God all mithy there is no the end

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  36. Comment:please do help us get out of this issue actually it’s Atiku that won this election but there gave it to Buhari. Even if you interview Nigerians there will tell you more please united Nation should interfere and give justice to who deserve thank you for your support.

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