Tinubu Confronts Amosun During Ogun APC Rally (PHOTOS)

Tinubu Confronts Amosun During Ogun APC Rally (PHOTOS)

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KDBlog has been furnished with Footage of the National leader of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu shouting at the Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun over the Chaos-ridden Ogun State APC Presidential Campaign Rally.

The Governor can be seen trying to calm down a visibly annoyed Tinubu. See below…

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  1. Yesterday was a pay day to PMB, as we can see, he allowed a drowning man, an anti-party behavior of SIA to have come this far. Party leaders who brought him 8 years ago were rubbished and were reduced to nothing n his quest to self impost himself as party leader in Ogun state. PMB should have allowed party to excommunicate him. He can see you he result of him man know man (selfish relationship) he (PMB) is having with SIA.

  2. Comment:This is the beginning of Gods intervention in our nation Nigeria. They fill their tummy n call on d future of our country to fight n kill for them. God carry go. I’m Atikulated.

  3. That is good for all the,APC they are accusing obj and the want to pass free no it can’t be. They h’v packed all there family to out side so we poor will be use our chest to block wall for them, I think if obj and tinubu have a class they could be setle because no matter your child stobon if fisitor are coming we must talk good about him or her. Tinubu is too stobon also president is too delf mean why they deserve this in Ogun state.

  4. Tinubu should by now know that he’s not God. God rules from heaven and not from bourdillon or is it babilon. Tinubu is the reason why buhari has made all his friends, saraki, dogara, okorocha and amosun enemies. Tinubu must understand that if buhari looses this election, even his executive mansion at bourdillon road will be siezed and will loose his private colony(Lagos)

  5. Comment:they got what they bargained for.similar fate awaits them elsewhere for the mess they put Nigerians into.your punishments are both here and thereafter.God no dey sleep.It serves you right.

  6. APC can not win this coming election because of mess they have put Nigerian, APC have practically failed Nigeria people

  7. Comment: why are you people always against Tinubu, if the man happens to be ur family member, will u be saying dis rubbish against him……. Is Tinubu the cause of Ogun rally crises?

  8. Amosun Ibikunle performed worse than Fayose against his party and political leaders during APC compaign rally in Ogun state

  9. Comment:you people need to think we’ll before you saying all this,you are all talking but you don’t think we’ll enough

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