The Game To Release New Album In November


The title for Game’s last collection, Born 2 Rap, originates from the reality he never needed to be a rapper growing up and just utilized hip-bounce as a way to get himself out of the hood. With 18 years in the game and 9 number-one collections in his index, The Game’s fate was to turn into a west coast legend,

Brought into the world 2 Rap, it’s practically similar to everyone is brought into the world with a reason. You don’t generally know when in your life you’re going to make sense of that. Or on the other hand [if] your motivation going to discover you or you’re going to discover it. In any case, I feel like for me to be the bore emcee [that] I am and to be in the game for such a long time, and to have the sort of inventory that I have, similar to, I mean, it needed to consistently be there. You can’t simply, you know, simply hold up until you 20 years of age and transform into LeBron, it simply don’t occur. You gotta work and you gotta be that.

While recouping from shot injuries he got during a home intrusion in 2001, 21-year old Jayceon Taylor saw a scene of 106 and Park on BET that included Shyne, a rapper who helped the Compton local to remember himself, and that is the thing that controlled him toward a vocation in hip-bounce:

With rap, it was somewhat unique since I never rapped, I never took a shot at it, I never rehearsed, I never went to a studio until watching that one 106 and Park scene. Along these lines, from that to now, man, it’s simply consistently been a fantasy.

The spread to The Game’s first single, “West Side,” off of his ninth studio collection, Born 2 Rap, intently takes after the 1961 West Side Story motion picture soundtrack.

This version incorporates minor subtleties, for example, the shading, the dollar sign supplanting the letter ‘S,’ and tied shoes hurled over an electrical cable, which infers either a group related homicide or medication bargain.

The spread craftsmanship symbolizes the grisly reality individuals are living in even in current days.

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