Terms & conditions

1. Explication

These terms and conditions are defined as follows:

  • Advertising: The Client-ordered advertising, promotional, and other services, which may include digital and traditional printed ads, e-mail and e-newsletter distributions. The Insertion Order contains all of the information.
  • Agreement: These terms and conditions and the documents that go with them make up the Insertion Order
  • Client Advertisement: Any advertisement provided by the Client to Key Media in accordance with the Insertion Order and the terms of this Agreement in order for Key Media to publish it alongside the Advertising.
  • Client IP: All Intellectual Property Rights included in the Advertising and/or Event Materials that the Client owns or has permission to use.
    Start Date: The date on which Key Media either countersigns or sends a written acceptance of the Insertion Order.

Contract Terms

When the Client submits an Insertion Order to Key Media, it is an offer to purchase Services in accordance with this Agreement and the Insertion Order. As long as Key Media has not already accepted the Insertion Order, the Client has the right to cancel or change it.

Any Insertion Order issued by Key Media is only valid for 14 days from the date it was issued, unless Key Media expressly states otherwise in writing, and Key Media reserves the right to accept or reject any Insertion Order at its sole discretion.


When the Insertion Order states that the Client is purchasing advertising, this clause 3 will be used.

The Insertion Order will specify the size and type of information that the Client Ad should include.

The Client agrees to adhere to any timetables and/or deadlines specified in the Insertion Order. Workback schedules, content delivery schedules, and/or approval schedules are examples of this. If the Client fails to meet any of these deadlines, Key Media will be unable to perform any or all of the Services, and the Client will be required to pay the full Price.