Photo Of Man Who Purposely Infected Several Women With HIV In Maryland

Photo Of Man Who Purposely Infected Several Women With HIV In Maryland

A man has been caught knowingly transferring HIV to women he met on dating apps. The said man is from Maryland.

34-year-old Rudolph Smith, of Frederick, was taken into custody on Monday after a 21-month long investigation, the Frederick Police Department said.

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Authorities said they received a tip that Smith was actively having sexual relations with multiple women knowing that he was HIV positive.

Detectives said he was meeting the women on various dating websites and apps.

Smith has been indicted on four counts each of assault in the first degree, reckless endangerment and knowing transfer of HIV prohibited, Fox News report.

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Detectives have identified and contacted several victims, but are urging anyone who may have had a sexual relationship with Smith around or after July 2017 to contact them.

  Photo Of Man Who Purposely Infected Several Women With HIV In Maryland

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  1. Practising and engaging in sexual relations outside the boundaries of marriage results in STDs, diseases etc.Abstinence in today’s society doesnt rexist anymore.Sex is meant for marriage.

  2. This is wickedness of the highest. How can does that to innocent ladies in the name of dating. Everyone, especially ladies have to be very careful.

  3. OMG!that guy is no can u be so cruel like that?. He needs to be dealt with severly. And the ladies involved, please report for your own safety and others’

  4. I will blame the young ladies who have easily put their self into regrettion….WHy will they just meet some one they never know, beside money cause all and decived all

  5. Oh my God just because of money that is why you have women don’t know the person that you are going out with so much so sorry of yourself woman’s

  6. If the man proposed all the women he has affected HIV, and they accepted him. He Is not guilty. If someone get HIV please don’t point a finger on somebody. Everyone knows about this killer disease so if u having a unprotected sex and contacting AIDS its your recklessness. No one is responsibility to look after someone’s life. Those women he has affected they should blame on themselves.

    But if he rapped them then he is a devel. The man should languish in prison.

  7. Why should people go about dating strangers online, to the extend of having unprotected sex with them.That is ffoolishness of the highest order.This incidence should serve as a lesson to those who are in the bussiness of using what they have to get what they want.If you get all the money and you are infected where is the joy?

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