Microsoft Xbox Live to soon hit iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch platforms

“Microsoft’s keynote at the upcoming Game Developer Conference 2019 has revealed that the SDK for the cross platform compatibility will come soon.”

Microsoft has long been said to be plotting the opening up of its Xbox Live platform to prospective gamers on platforms other than Xbox and PC. Finally, that appears to be on the charts, as Microsoft’s keynote at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2019 is titled ‘Xbox Live: Growing & Engaging Your Gaming Community Across iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox, and PC‘, rather unambiguously.

To promote Xbox Live on other platforms, Microsoft is now expected to roll out the software development kit (SDK) for its iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch developers to integrate the feature into games that are available across platforms. The move is Microsoft’s latest ploy in ramping up its services revenues, by reaching out to a potentially larger base of gamers. The addition of Xbox Live to titles that are available on Xbox, PC, iOS, Android and Switch will allow gamers cross-platform friend list integration, seamless multiplayer gaming, porting achievements and in-game rewards across devices, giving Microsoft an expanded base of gamers involved directly within one or more of its services, even on rival platforms.

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On the GDC 2019 event page, Microsoft’s description for the keynote reads, “Now Xbox Live is about to get MUCH bigger. Xbox Live is expanding from 400M gaming devices and a reach to over 68M active players to over 2B devices with the release of our new cross-platform XDK.” Much of Microsoft’s work around the Xbox platform (and, in fact, all of its other platforms as well) revolves around growing its services stream, with its upcoming Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass contributing the rest. While xCloud will stream games from xBox on to other devices and enable players on other device formats, Game Pass is being designed as a Netflix of sorts, for the gaming community.

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The opening up of platforms across all devices is bound to be good news for the gaming community. With the SDK being pushed out to developers soon, we also expect the feature to hit multiple games that are available across platforms, very soon.

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