Mechanized Farming Is The Answer To Food Security

Mechanized Farming Is The Answer To Food Security

Recently, President Dr. George Manneh Weah, during his second state of the nation address at the Legislature underscored the importance of investing in the country’s agriculture sector.

The president said his government would place new emphasis on agriculture, especially mechanized farming considering its importance to making Liberia food sufficient.

He Said “Our international partners will agree with me that endless national and foreign resources have been and continue to be poured into Agriculture, yet returns on these investments are almost negligible. This will have to change! Just as I am doing with the roads, I will directly get involved in the programs and practical implementation of agriculture development.”

The Sector, The president said, accounts for more than 70 percent of household earnings. Hence, he said, “our Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development can only be sustainably achieved through agriculture. We will craft new practical and realistic agriculture policies, incentivize the sector by providing access to credit, reducing tariffs on agriculture implements, and provide small machines, modern seeds and fertilizers.”

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Barely A Week following his address at the Legislature, the president, true to his pronouncement that he would give the agriculture sector the same focus he gives to “paved road” construction efforts, visited the Ministry of Agriculture during which he shared notes and brainstormed with authorities of that Ministry and other partners on how to make agriculture a major centerpiece of Liberia’s economic development.

In a brief comment at a roundtable with partners and Agriculture Ministry officials, President Weah re-accentuated the correlation between agriculture productions and economic boom on the one hand, and poverty alleviation and national security on the other.

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The President’s Pronouncement at the Legislature and his visit to the Ministry of Agriculture speak to the fact about his commitment to transforming the sector for the better. During that visit, he stressed the need for Liberia to move from subsistence to mechanized farming, something that we at The NEWS support.

But This Cannot be done in the absence of concrete investment in the sector. That is why we are calling on the government to attract huge investment in the agriculture sector if this country is to become food secured.

Over The Years, Liberians have engaged in subsistence farming with the country still unable to feed itself. As it is often said, you cannot keep doing the same thing over and again and expect different result. It is about time that we as a nation put more emphasis on investing in agriculture through mechanized farming rather than just talking.

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It Is Unacceptable for Liberia with rich soil and good weather not to be able to feed itself.

The millions of United States dollars used to import rice can be used to improve the agriculture sector.

No country can be considered truly independent when it cannot feed itself.

The Time Has come for more practical actions that will transform the agriculture sector, thus making us food secured. That is why we applaud the president’s decision to place more emphasis in the sector through mechanized farming.

We strongly believe that investing in agriculture sector will surely make us food sufficient to help reduce poverty.

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