Hailing Gov’t For Banning Importation Of Flours…

Hailing Gov’t For Banning Importation Of Flours…

As Part Of efforts aimed at protecting and empowering Liberian businesses, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry recently banned the importation of flours, biscuits, nails and others on the Liberian market.

Addressing A News conference Wednesday, January 30, 2019, in Monrovia, Commerce Minister Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh said the decision is geared toward strengthening local companies that are producing the products in the country.

Minister Tarpeh said as a responsible government, the CDC-led government decided to support local production companies as a means of helping them to grow.

The Commerce Minister said local companies that are producing the banned products have the capacity to meet the market demand. He warned that any entity that will want to clandestinely import the banned products will be dealt with.

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This Latest Decision by the Liberian Government is in the right direction because it will strengthen Liberian businesses that are involved in local manufacturing activities.

Over the years, Liberian entrepreneurs have complained that the government has not done much to promote and support their activities. They accused past governments of prioritizing foreign business entities over their Liberian counterparts.

But The CDC-led government which came to power on the matrix of change has decided to give serious attention to Liberian businesses evidenced by this latest decision.

That is why we at The NEWS want to hail this government for its farsightedness to take this critical decision.

If a Liberian business entity can produce a particular product to meet the market demand, no need for such product to be imported.

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We Are Of the strongest conviction that this decision will greatly help to empower Liberian businesses in the manufacturing industry. Resources that should have been used on imported biscuits, flours, nails and others will now be used to promote Liberian owned-businesses that are producing these products.

Every Responsible Government around the world prioritizes the promotion and empowerment of its citizens, something that this government has demonstration since its inception.

Though it may not be to the extent that the government itself envisaged, but it has taken serious steps in that direction.

This Decision By the government will enable those Liberian owned businesses that are involved in the manufacturing of the banned products to have more resources to expand their activities which will ultimately lead to the employment of more Liberians.

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It will also enable Liberians to begin taking charge of their economy as envisioned by President Dr. George Manneh Weah eloquently stated in his inauguration speech.

However, While We hail the government for this decision, we equally call on Liberian businesses, especially those that will directly benefit from this policy, to demonstrate their commitment by ensuring the availability of the banned commodities on the Liberian commerce.

We call on them not to force government to revert this policy by not living up to their commitment to this deal.

Again, we hail the government for this latest decision. Truly, Liberians will take charge of their economy in the not too distant future.

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