Australia’s Most Customer Satisfied Auto Insurance In 2022

According to the most recent Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures, more than 20 million automobiles are registered in the country. Drivers must have at least one sort of insurance, known as obligatory third-party (CTP) insurance. However, since drivers have so many alternatives from so many different firms, it may be difficult for them to discover coverage that match their requirements.

It may be tempting to choose a less expensive vehicle insurance provider, but there is a catch: drivers risk losing more, particularly if the coverage they provide is inadequate. To get the most out of their vehicle insurance, drivers must understand their choices and the amount of coverage provided by each auto insurance carrier.

How Does Automobile Insurance In Australia Work?

There are four major forms of general vehicle insurance in the United States that drivers should be aware of. These are some examples:

1. Third-party (CTP) Insurance Is Legally Needed

CTP coverage, also known as “green slip insurance” in New South Wales and “transport accident charge” (TAC) in Victoria, is required in all states and territories. It shields the driver from liability if someone else is injured or killed in an automobile accident. CTP insurance, on the other hand, does not cover any injuries to the driver or passengers, nor does it cover any vehicle or property damage. This kind of insurance is purchased when a vehicle’s registration is renewed.

2. Complete Coverage Insurance

Comprehensive vehicle insurance often has the highest rates, but it provides the greatest protection of any form of motor insurance. It covers damage to the driver’s vehicle as well as other people’s vehicles and property in the case of an accident, regardless of who is at blame. It also protects against theft, vandalism, storm or hail damage, and accidental losses.

3. Damage to a third party’s property (TPPD)

If you are in an accident, this kind of insurance will pay to repair another person’s property, including their automobile. However, it does not cover damage to the driver’s car. Some automobile insurance providers only pay a particular amount of damage if the collision includes an uninsured vehicle.

4. A Third Party Fire And Theft (TPFT)

The same as TPPD, TPFT covers repair or replacement expenses up to a specified amount if the driver’s automobile is stolen or destroyed by fire.

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How Much Does Automobile Insurance In Australia Cost?

Auto insurance providers in Australia use a variety of factors when calculating rates, making it difficult to provide a precise figure. Most vehicle insurance providers base their premiums on the following factors:

  • Vehicle market value: The most essential factor influencing premium pricing, a car’s market value is determined by its age, make, model, condition, and mileage. Some motor insurance may pay for accessories up to a specified maximum under their market value coverage.
  • Level of coverage: With addition to the basic forms of vehicle insurance, drivers may purchase optional extras like roadside assistance, widescreen excess, and rental car coverage, which are often included in comprehensive plans from certain insurers.
  • Driver’s age and gender: Young drivers are sometimes seen as more dangerous to insure, hence their rates are greater than those of older drivers. The same holds true for guys who drive vs women who drive. Parents who wish to add their adolescent children to their coverage should be aware that their rates may increase depending on how well their children have driven in the past.
  • Driving record and claims history: If a motorist has been in an accident or made a claim in the past, their risk increases. This may result in an increase in their vehicle insurance premiums. Insurance companies often provide discounts to drivers who have never been in an accident or filed a claim in the past.

What Are Australia’s Top Customer Satisfied Vehicle Insurance Companies?

To determine which vehicle insurance providers drivers preferred, Mozo polled 2,154 Australians from around the nation on how their insurers performed in a variety of categories, including how simple it was to join up, how fast claims were paid, and how trustworthy they were. The survey was featured in the site’s 2022 People’s Choice Awards.

The firm requested consumers to assess how “happy you were with this insurance company in general” for customer satisfaction.

According to Mozo, this award recognizes insurance firms that go above and beyond what consumers anticipate and get the top reviews from Australian policyholders.

The prize was open to forty of Australia’s finest vehicle insurers, including several major players. Finally, seven vehicle insurance firms from throughout the nation were recognized for “excellent client satisfaction.” The alphabetical list below is arranged from A to Z.

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1. GIO

GIO, a Brisbane-based general insurance firm, provides a variety of automobile coverages to meet the various demands and budgets of Australian drivers. The insurance firm provides Comprehensive, Platinum, Third Party Fire, and Third Party Property Damage coverage.

The complete coverage offered by the Suncorp-owned firm includes accidental loss or damage, deliberate damage or vandalism, legal liabilities up to $20,000, towing and storage charges, and rental vehicle costs if the accident was not your fault. Policyholders may also choose their own repair shop and get a year of free roadside assistance.

GIO also received three other accolades for outstanding claims handling, a quick sign-up procedure, and being a highly regarded organization.


The NRMA is supported by IAG. Comprehensive, Comprehensive Plus, Third Party Property Damage, Third Party Fire & Theft, CTP Green Slip, and Veteran, Vintage, & Classic protection are all available through NRMA Insurance. The first two kinds of policies cover damage from accidents, fire, storm, flood, theft, and vandalism. If your automobile breaks down, they will also pay for towing, rental cars, and replacement autos.

The Sydney insurance firm is also one of the “most recommended” award winners.

3. RAA

For more than a century, the Royal Automobile Association (RAA), a South Australian insurance firm, has assisted its members with vehicle, house, and vacation insurance. There are three types of vehicle insurance coverage available: Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft, and Third Party. It also offers a vintage automobile policy. People who voted admire the insurance because it provides its members with perks, discounts, flexible payment choices, and coverage that begins immediately with 21 days to pay.

RAA was recognized in every category this year, including “great claims experience,” “most recommended,” “sign-up experience,” “outstanding customer service,” and “highly regarded insurer.”

4. RAC

This year’s poll was also won by the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC). More than a million people hold Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Third Party policies with the insurance firm.

Accident damage, legal liability, fire, theft, cracked windshields, lost or stolen keys, towing and rental vehicle charges, child car seat replacement, and new car replacement are all covered by RAC comprehensive car insurance policies. Policies often include a guarantee on repairs as well as life and death payments in the event of an accident.

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The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland has 1.7 million members (RACQ). There are three kinds of automobile insurance policies available: comprehensive, fire theft and third party liability, and third party liability. Its all-inclusive plan includes coverage for damage to other people’s property or damage caused by an uninsured driver, emergency repairs, fire and theft, rental automobiles, and misplaced keys, among other things. It also allows policyholders to choose their own repairman and provides a lifetime repair warranty.

For a long period, RACQ has received the Mozo People’s Choice Award. This year, it was also named the most recommended insurance.


The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) has over two million members and provides insurance for automobiles, homes, trips, and enterprises. It has an Australian customer support staff, and members get discounts on items like attraction tickets and gift cards, among other things. Policyholders may save money by paying their premiums just once a year.

Complete Care, Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Third Party Property Damage are the four categories of vehicle insurance offered by the firm. The first includes everything that a full coverage insurance does, plus extras like picking up and returning your vehicle after a claimable accident, paying for taxis, and providing a place to stay if you are stranded more than 100 kilometers from home.

RACV has earned honors for being the most recommended and having exceptional customer service, in addition to providing amazing customer service.


Shannons is a Brisbane-based specialty vehicle insurance firm that is part of the Suncorp Network. Its plans are tailored to vehicle enthusiasts’ demands, with features like as restricted use and club plate protection, lay up cover for restorations, daily drive insurance, and cover for your house and its possessions. Every year, the firm also supports over 1,200 events for automotive and motorbike enthusiasts around Australia.

Shannons has received many awards this year. The insurance business was chosen one of the best because they provide excellent customer service and make it simple to join up. It also received recognition for being the most recommended and trustworthy.

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